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About Delicious Expeditions

The many Delicious Expeditions you're reading about were written by Kris Rudolph--chef, restaurateur, caterer, cookbook author, part-time spy, cooking teacher, non-accredited therapist, wannabe historian (if she only had a memory), amateur primatologist, professional catsitter (that would be gatti sitter in Italian), dance teacher with credentials (former US Latin Ballroom Formation Team Champion), foreign language nerd, geography master, make-believe Broadway star, and struggling writer.

When not traveling around the world looking for the perfect meal, Kris owns and operates El Buen Cafe in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a restaurant and catering business she's had since 1991. Kris also teaches at her cooking school, La Cocina, which showcases the best of Mexican cuisine. Her classes and tours have been written up in Bon Appetit, Texas Monthly, Chile Pepper Magazine, the Miami Herald, and the Washington Post, to name a few.

 In her spare time, when she's not involved in an employee-related drama or cooing over baby pictures of her beloved baboon Betty, a foster primate in Africa, she leads culinary tours in Mexico, South Africa, and Europe.

Her literary achievements include three cookbooks: "Recipes and Secrets from El Buen Café", "Mexican Light", and "Savoring San Miguel." She's currently looking for a publisher (if you happen to know anyone) for her memoir, "She Just Ain't Right."

Kris firmly believes in the art of eating well and that not one bite or calorie should be wasted on mediocre fare. She discovered this at an early age while devouring a vat of butter with a mini-loaf of homemade bread her grandmother prepared for her each day. Her parents were horrified at her over-zealous appetite, her grandmother so pleased she melted more butter. And that was just the beginning.

Kris's chosen path has led her to seeks and many times find the world's best food. From pizza slathered in truffle cream in an off-the-beaten-track Tuscan village to the surprising simplicity of a perfect potato in Slovenia, she'll share her discoveries, as well as her culinary secrets and obscure travel-related knowledge if you only keep reading her blog.


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