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Welcome to La Cocina Cooking School
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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Post, the Tucson Citizen, Taste & Travel International,
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Immerse yourself in the gastronomy and culture of Mexico.
Discover traditional moles and adobos, as well as innovative
salsas, healthy salads, and mezcal. La Cocina offers more than
just a Mexican cooking class—it delves into the country's fascinating heritage and history, allowing you to transport a true culinary experience into your own kitchen.



A San Miguel Culinary Adventure: February 20 -27

Get a full week of cooking classes, fine dining and touring in

San Miguel de Allende!

Visit Guanajuato, Dolores Hidalgo, and Pozos as well attend 4 different classes, covering a broad spectrum of Mexican cuisine. Please inquire about schedule and prices. Join us for the entire week or just a day.


San Miguel de Allende street scene

Cooking classes and San Miguel market tours are conducted in English. They're mostly hands-on, unless you prefer to sit back and watch. Full meals, wine and margaritas, as well as recipe packets, are included in the price.

For an indepth culinary and culture experience, join one of our week-long culinary tours to San Miguel.

Delicious Expeditions (our tour company) offers culinary tours to
: Umbria, Tuscany and Venice, Slovenia, South Africa and now Vienna and Budapest for Ball season.

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perfect meal with a side dish of adventure.

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